Completed Analyses

Analyzed Legislation Author Topic/ Keywords Completed Analyses
AB 933 Daly Prescription Drug Cost Sharing
AB 1400 Kalra Guaranteed Health Care for All
AB 1859 Levine Mental Health Services
AB 1930 Arambula Medi-Cal: Comprehensive Perinatal Services
AB 2024 Friedman Breast Imaging
AB 2029 Wicks Health Care Coverage: Treatment for Infertility
AB 2516 Aguiar-Curry Health Care Coverage: Human Papillomavirus
AB 2585 McCarty Health Care Coverage: Nonpharmacological Pain Management Treatment
AB 2709 Boerner Horvath Emergency Ground Medical Transportation
SB 473 Bates Insulin Cost Sharing
SB 853 Wiener Prescription Drug Coverage
SB 858 Wiener Health Care Service Plans: Discipline: Civil Penalties
SB 912 Limon Biomarker Testing
SB 974 Portantino Breast Imaging
SB 1191 Bates Medi-Cal: Pharmacogenomic Testing
SB 1337 McGuire Coordinated Specialty Care for First-Episode Psychosis
SB 1338 Umberg and Eggman Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Court Program
SB 1473 Pan COVID-19 Therapeutics
AB 32 Aguiar-Curry Telehealth
AB 97 Nazarian Insulin Affordability
AB 114 Maienschein Medi-Cal Benefits: Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing
AB 570 Santiago Dependent Parent Health Care Coverage
AB 935 Maienschein Telehealth: Mental Health
AB 1254 Gipson Mobile Stroke Units
AB 1400 Kalra Guaranteed Health Care for All
AB 1520 Levine Prostate Cancer: Screening
SB 110 Wiener Substance Use Disorder Services: Contingency Management Services
SB 245 Gonzalez Abortion Services: Cost Sharing
SB 306 Pan Health Care: STD Testing
SB 428 Hurtado Adverse Childhood Experiences Screenings
SB 473 Bates Insulin Cost Sharing
SB 510 Pan COVID-19 Cost Sharing
SB 523 Leyva Contraceptives
SB 535 Limón Biomarker Testing
SB 562 Portantino Pervasive Developmental Disorders or Autism
SB 568 Pan Deductibles: Chronic Disease Management
SB 613 Limón Maternal Health: Neonate Medical Wrap
AB 1904 Boerner Horvath Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
AB 1986 Gipson Colorectal Cancer Screening and Testing
AB 2144 Arambula Step Therapy and Prior Authorization
AB 2203 Nazarian Insulin Cost-Sharing Cap
AB 2204 Arambula Sexually Transmitted Diseases
AB 2242 Levine Mental health services
AB 2258 Reyes, Bonta, Limón, McCarty Doula Care: Medi-Cal Pilot Program
AB 2625 Boerner Horvath Emergency Ground Medical Transportation
AB 2781 Wicks Treatment for Infertility
SB 854 Beall Substance Use Disorder
SB 855 Wiener Mental Health Parity
SB 888 Wiener Substance Use Disorder Services: Contingency Management
SB 1452 Morrell Biological Products
AB 78 Assembly Committee on Budget Health: Actuarial Value
AB 166 Gabriel Violence Preventive Services
AB 598 Bloom Hearing Aids
AB 651 Grayson Air Ambulance Services
AB 744 Aguiar-Curry Telehealth
AB 767 Wicks Infertility
AB 993 Nazarian HIV Specialists
AB 1246 Limon Basic Health Care Services
AB 1611 Chiu Emergency Hospital Services: Costs
AB 1676 Maienschein Mental Health
SB 11 Beall Mental Health Parity and Substance Use Medications
SB 159 Wiener HIV: Prophylaxis
SB 163 Portantino Autism
SB 583 Jackson Clinical Trials
SB 600 Portantino Fertility Preservation
SB 746 Bates Anticancer Medical Devices
AB 1860 Limón Cancer Treatment
AB 2193 Maienschein Maternal Mental Health
AB 2342 Burke and Waldron BRCA Gene Mutations: Screening, Counseling, and Testing
AB 2384 Arambula Medication-Assisted Treatment
AB 2643 Irwin Dentistry: General Anesthesia
AB 2861 Salas Medi-Cal: Telehealth Substance Use Disorder Services
SB 399 Portantino Pervasive Development Disorder or Autism
SB 1021 Wiener Prescription Drugs
SB 1034 Mitchell Mammograms
SB 1285 Stone Advanced Practice Pharmacist
SB 1322 Stone Medi-Cal: Comprehensive Medication Management
AB 391 Chiu Asthma preventive services in Medi-Cal
AB 447 Gray Continuous Glucose Monitors
AB 1074 Maienschein Pervasive developmental disorder or autism
AB 1107 Nazarian Oncology Clinical Pathway Act
AB 1316 Quirk Childhood Lead Poisoning: Prevention
AB 1353 Waldron Drug Utilization Management Exceptions
AB 1534 Nazarian HIV Specialist
AB 1601 Bloom Hearing Aids: Minors
SB 172 Portantino Fertility Preservation
SB 221 Wiener HIV-associated Lipodystrophy
SB 399 Portantino Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Autism
AB 533 Bonta Health Care Coverage: Out-of-Network Coverage
AB 796 Nazarian Health Care Coverage: Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
AB 1763 Gipson Colorectal Cancer Screening Examinations
AB 1831 Low Topical Ophthalmic Refills
AB 1954 Burke Reproductive Health Care Services
AB 2004 Bloom Hearing Aids
AB 2050 Steinorth Prescription Refill Synchronization
AB 2084 Wood Medi-Cal Coverage for Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) Services
AB 2209 Bonilla Clinical Pathways
AB 2372 Burke HIV Specialists
AB 2507 Gordon Telehealth
AB 2764 Bonilla Mammography
SB 999 Pavley Contraceptives: Annual Supply
SB 1034 Mitchell Autism
AB 339 Gordon Outpatient Prescription Drugs
AB 374 Nazarian Step Therapy: Coverage
AB 502 Chau Dental Hygienists
AB 623 Wood Abuse-deterrent Opioid Analgesics
AB 796 Nazarian Health Care Coverage: Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
AB 1102 Santiago Special Enrollment Periods
AB 1305 Bonta Cost Sharing: Family Health Coverage
SB 190 Beall Acquired Brain Injury
SB 289 Mitchell Telephonic and Electronic Patient Management Services
AB 1771 Pérez Telephonic Patient Management Services
AB 1917 Gordon Outpatient Prescription Drugs: Cost Sharing
AB 2041 Jones Developmental Services: Regional Centers: Behavioral Health Treatment
AB 2418 Bonilla and Skinner Health Care Coverage: Prescription Drug Refills
SB 1053 Mitchell Health Care Coverage: Contraceptives
SB 1239 Wolk Pupil Health Care: School Nurses
AB 219 Perea Oral Anticancer Medications
AB 460 Ammiano Infertility
AB 889 Frazier Prescription Drug Benefits
AB 912 Quirk-Silva Fertility Preservation
SB 126 Steinberg Pervasive Developmental Disorder or Autism
SB 189 Monning Wellness Programs
SB 320 Beall Acquired Brain Injury
SB 799 Calderon Colorectal Cancer: Genetic Testing and Screening
AB 1000 Perea Cancer Treatment
AB 1738 Huffman Tobacco Cessation Services
AB 1800 Ma Health Care Coverage
AB 2064 Pérez Immunizations for Children
AB 72 Eng Health Care Coverage: Acupuncture
AB 137 Portantino Mammography Services
AB 154 Beall Mental Health Services
AB 171 Beall Autism
AB 185 Hernández Maternity Services
AB 310 Ma Prescription Drugs
AB 369 Huffman Pain Prescriptions
AB 428 Portantino Fertility Preservation
AB 652 Mitchell Child Health Assessments
AB 1000 Perea Cancer Treatment
SB 136 Yee Tobacco Cessation
SB 155 Evans Maternity Services
SB 173 Simitian Mammograms
SB 255 Pavley Breast Cancer
SB 770 Steinberg and Evans Autism
SB-TBD 1 Steinberg (requested) Mental Illness: Autism