3K0P2584 - Copy - CopyGaren Corbett, MS, is the Director of CHBRP. Corbett joined The California Health Benefits Review Program at the University of California's Office of the President as a Principal Analyst in early 2010, bringing with him over 13 years of policy and health care business experience. Previously, he was Deputy Director of The Health Industry Forum, which worked on reimbursement and health technology issues with leading policymakers and business executives. His ongoing consulting work has focused on federal and state health policy efforts and health care innovation. Earlier in his career, Garen provided strategic health care benefits and management consultant services to Liberty Healthcare Group, a national medical and pharmacy supply company, and for The Segal Company, an international human resource and benefits consulting firm. In government, Garen was Assistant Director for Legislation and Policy at the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC). At the GIC, he was responsible for managing large health benefits programs, policy and legislative activities, and research. Garen earned an M.S. in Public Affairs from The McCormack Graduate School at the University of Massachusetts and a B.A. in Sociology and American Studies with honors from Brandeis University.

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John Lewis, MPA, came to CHBRP in January of 2008 as a Principal Analyst. A native Texan, John studied at Trinity University in San Antonio before completing a graduate degree in health policy at New York University. John has a broad background in health delivery and health policy, having experience at local, state, and national levels. He has worked in hospitals, at a university, for a state government, and with a large, health-related, voluntary society. In the early 1990s, John worked at Bellevue Hospital Center before managing AIDS programs at a hospital in the South Bronx. He directed an inpatient HIV testing service and oversaw other, grant-funded efforts. In 1999, John left New York for a planning position with the American Cancer Society's National Home Office. In Oakland and Denver, he supported development of clinical goals for two of the Society's multi-state regions. In 2003, he began work with the Francis J. Curry National Tuberculosis Center, a training and education program. Based in San Francisco, he led a multi-agency planning effort for stakeholders from across the country. Prior to coming to CHBRP, John also worked with the Immunization Branch of the California Department of Health Services, leading multi-party, state-wide immunization campaigns.

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Adara Citron, MPH, is a Principal Analyst with CHBRP. Prior to joining CHBRP, Adara was a Program Analyst with the District of Columbia Health Benefit Exchange Authority where she assisted small businesses purchase health insurance through DC Health Link and oversaw Broker registration and training. Previously, she was a Policy Associate with the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Women’s Health Policy team where she focused on issues related to insurance coverage of abortion and contraception. Adara holds a Master of Public Health in Health Policy from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from San Jose State University.

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Principal Analyst 
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Ana-AshbyAna Ashby, MPP, is a Policy Analyst with CHBRP. Prior to this position, Ana was a 2019 CHBRP Graduate Intern. She has worked as a staffer, lobbyist, organizer, and advocate on behalf of low-income communities, and supported ACA implementation in Minnesota from 2011-2017.  Her primary health care interest is in Medicaid. Ana holds a Master of Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.

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Policy Analyst
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Sabrina Woll is an Undergraduate Student Assistant at CHBRP and is in her third year pursuing her undergraduate degree in Public Health at UC Berkeley. She has previously volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps, and was a research assistant for clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease. Sabrina is also a coordinator for The Suitcase Clinic, a humanitarian student organization dedicated to alleviating homelessness through offering health and social services to local underserved populations.