Recent Requests

Requested Analyses

Check this page to find announcements of new requests from the State Legislature to CHBRP and information about deadlines for public comment. Copies of original legislative request letters are available upon request.

Legislation Author Topic Date of Legislative Request for Analysis Final Date to submit information relevant to CHBRP'S analysis* Date CHBRP Analysis will be Delivered to the Legislature **
AB 767 Wicks Infertility 02/20/2019 03/05/2019 04/20/2019
SB 583 Jackson Clinical Trials 02/22/2019 03/07/2019 04/22/2019
AB 166 Gabriel Violence Preventive Services 02/25/2019 03/10/2019 04/25/2019
AB 1676 Maienschein Mental Health 02/25/2019 03/10/2019 04/25/2019
SB 746 Bates Anticancer Medical Devices 02/25/2019 03/10/2019 04/25/2019
SB 159 Wiener HIV: Prophylaxis 02/28/2019 03/13/2019 04/28/2019
* All interested parties who believe they have scientific evidence relevant to CHBRP's analysis of proposed health insurance benefit mandates as described in CHBRP's authorizing statute are encouraged to provide that information to CHBRP's staff. In order for CHBRP to meet its statutory 60-day deadline to complete its analyses, CHBRP must receive this information within 14 days of announcing a legislative request on this web page. Interested individuals may also sign up here to receive email notification of new requests. This column indicates the exact date by which CHBRP must receive such evidence. Instructions for submitting evidence to be considered as part of CHBRP's analysis may be found at How to Submit Information.

** CHBRP's authorizing statute requests that the program provide its analyses to the Legislature within 60 days. Finished reports may be found at Completed Analyses.